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Wikipedia can provide a wealth of information in any subject of your choosing and with millions of articles available in dozens of languages, you’ll likely be serial clicking link after link. If you dig deeper into topics that have always sparked the shadows of your curiosity, you may stumble upon truly terrifying information you won’t be able to shake from your nightmares.

Some of these serial killers you might be familiar with, but one glance at their Wikipedia pages will send shivers up your spine as you’re reminded of all the heinous acts against humanity they’ve committed. For more chilling facts, get settled in for some disturbing stories that are definitely not for the faint of heart. Let’s start out with one of the most notorious serial killers from American history that got away and only left some cryptic clues behind. If you’re ready, go ahead and click next for the creepiest killer to make headlines.

The Zodiac Killer

San Francisco and the surrounding area was shaken with gruesome murders that left companions out for leisure time on edge between 1968 and 1969. The mysterious Zodiac Killer created a horror story from the most picturesque and innocent backdrops that he splattered red from the victims’ blood. It started with David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen parked late night in a lover’s lane after their first date.

After a nice evening, they wanted to enjoy the perfect moment in the cool winter air and realized their last moments were at the cusp of a waking nightmare. Unfortunately, it was too late for them and the cold killer gunned them down. Local newspapers were terrorized with cryptic messages that to this day remain unsolved and supposedly were to reveal the killer’s true identity. If you think this was all fun and games, click next for a more evil killer who wasn’t playing around.

The Chessboard Killer

Alexander Pichushkin’s childhood started like anyone else’s until he suffered brain damage after falling off a swing. This caused him to be held back in school and suffer from bullying because of his learning disabilities. Despite the suspected damage to his frontal cortex, Pichushkin immersed himself in chess and his grandfather trained him to be an outstanding player. He could’ve had a quiet life as a recluse, but instead was arrested in 2006 for the murder of over 40 people.

Reportedly, his killing spree was closing in on 64, to complete all the squares on a chessboard. But his monstrous impulses became too strong and he claimed nothing would’ve stopped him from surpassing this number. He’d lure homeless men with free vodka, bludgeon their skulls with a hammer and gruesomely shove the vodka bottle into the gaping cavity. For a serial killer hard at work, click next to see the grisly details.

Juan Corona

In a span of three short months in early 1971, Juan Corona killed at least 25 migrant workers in California. Arrested a few days after his last murder, Corona quickly became one of the most notorious serial killers in U.S. history up to this point. The Mexican-American had a long standing history of paranoid schizophrenia and he received 23 shock treatments before his last hospital discharge.

He had migrant work since moving to California from Mexico and eventually landed a job as a licensed labor contractor. Farmers that worked with Corona began finding shallow graves in their fruit orchards and authorities unearthed mutilated bodies of migrant workers that suffered from fatal stab wounds. Whether it was a clue to get caught or utter negligence caused by his mental illness, graves contained bank deposit slips revealing his name and address. Click next to reveal an unsuspecting killer with a grisly ambition.

Jane Toppan

Jane Toppan worked as a nurse in Boston, where she was known as Jolly Jane for her positive rapport with colleagues and patients, and her chipper demeanor. She started her training at Cambridge hospital in 1885, and even picked out favorite patients, who were normally very frail and on their death beds. Despite convincing colleagues that she was simply a compassionate woman, Jolly Jane had ulterior motives and was targeting patients for morbid experiments.

She wanted to see the effects morphine and atrophine had on the nervous system and wrote fake charts to clear suspicion. Her killing spree began in 1895 when she started poisoning her landlord and those close to her, including Toppan family members, who had taken her in. She claimed to have killed 31 people, including patients and wanted to kill more than any other murderers. For a charming devil, click next to see the face of true evil.   

 Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy goes down in history as one of the most dangerous psychopaths to date and used his good looks and charm to lure innocent women to their death traps. He even went so far to fake handicaps so good hearted women would offer him help and he could gain their trust before kidnapping and murdering them in secluded locations. His victims were young women that he would rape, torture, then mutilate and have sex with the corpse before abandoning the site, which he would often return to.

If this wasn’t sick enough, he went through a phase of keeping a collection of severed heads as trophies from his abominable conquests. During police interviews, it quickly became clear that he regarded all the murders as his life’s accomplishments and was for all intents and purposes a career killer.For a killer who terrorized the Houston area, click next to reveal an eerie alias.

The Candy Man

There is a clear reason why parents always warn children not to take candy or car rides from strangers. Dean Corll was a serial killer in Houston, who actually offered these seemingly innocent temptations. One could argue that the 70’s were a different time and life was just more laid back – but lots of things that happened in this decade led to stricter safety awareness.

Corll’s family owned a candy company and he regularly gave free candy to the local children. While he already had kids lining up for him, he also was a friendly guy offering to give teenage boys free lifts to parties. He killed about 30 teens over the course of three years and would rape, then shoot or strangle the victims before burying their bodies in a boat shed or nearby woods. Click next for a piece of paradise that has a forgotten gruesome history.

Charlie Brandt

A hurricane in the Florida Keys is enough of a nightmare, but just when you think you’ve made it to safety on mainland, what would you do when you find yourself trapped indoors with a serial killer? Teri Brandt found herself in such a predicament, but came to the realization only in the last few moments of her life, when it ended at the hands of husband Charlie Brandt.

He began drinking after they evacuated to their niece Michelle Lynn Jones’ place before Hurricane Ivan hit on September 2, 2004. Charlie stabbed Teri to death and decapitated Michelle, also severely mutilating her and even removed her heart. He then went into the garage to hang himself and the crime scene was discovered a couple weeks later. He exhibited telltale signs in his childhood when he shot his parents, killing his pregnant mother, but was never criminally charged. Click next for hospital horror stories.

Dr. Death

Harold Shipman was a general practitioner in a hospital near Manchester, who notoriously remains the only doctor in the history of British medicine found guilty of murdering patients. He started his killing spree in 1975 and steadily set patients on overdoses for over 20 years, with the number of victims estimated at 250 or more. Most of his victims were elderly women in good health, and he often gave them lethal injections, then falsified medical records for the death certificates.

Doctors and medical staff failed to connect Shipman to decades’ worth of deaths, and a coroner only raised suspicions in the high death rate after a funeral director became concerned by the high number of cremation forms Shipman needed countersigned. After receiving a life sentence, he committed suicide in 2004 on the eve of his 58thbirthday.  For the most notorious killer of all, click next to reveal the gruesome mystery.  

Jack the Ripper

After striking terror in the Whitechapel district of London in 1888, the only thing that remains certain is that the killer and all of London society from the time period are long deceased. Only dubbed as Jack the Ripper by the public, the killer’s identity has never been solved, with only few clues and modern knowledge of ripperology to make any strides in this notorious case.

All the victims were women, with most linked to prostitution, and all were brutally slayed in a manner that depicted abdominal dissections and organ removal. With disemboweled corpses missing organs, detectives have believed the Ripper to have a background as a butcher or surgeon. There was no forensic technology to aid the investigation in Victorian London, but all efforts were exerted to find the killer and a grand total of 2,000 interviews, including 300 people of interest were investigated. Click next for heinous crimes of one disturbed individual.  

Tsutomu Miyazaki

Tsutomu Miyazaki is nothing short of the most disturbed serial killer in Japanese history. Also known as The Little Girl Murderer – which by itself is enough to give you shivers – struck terror in the Saitama and Tokyo Prefectures from 1988 to 1989, killing four girls between the ages of four and seven. Not only are the young ages of these innocent girls tragic enough, but they died in a manner no one would wish on their worst enemies.

He selected girls to kidnap at random, ultimately choosing the most helpless victims to prey on. After murdering them, he would commit sex acts on the corpses and even cannibalism or keep body parts as souvenirs. After these monstrous acts, he would stalk the grieving families and send letters, describing what became of their missing daughters. Miyazaki was executed by hanging in 2008. Not only men can be heartless – click next for the Belle from Hell.

Belle Gunness

Belle Gunness was a Norwegian who immigrated to America in 1881 and left a path of destruction with her every move. Since millions of Europeans anonymously struggled to hold onto the hope of the American dream during the immigration wave, public records are hard to come by. While facts about Belle’s life may be disputed, her paper trail was rather long compared to the everyday immigrant.

She ended up killing between 25 to 40 lovers and their families for insurance money, including her own children. It started with her first husband, who mysteriously died on the day that two insurance policies in his name happened to overlap. Her second husband suffered a fatal head injury after Belle claimed that meat grinding machinery fell on him from a shelf. She cashed in on his life insurance, but there were already town whispers raising suspicions. Click next for a morbid body snatcher.

Ed Gein

Known as The Butcher of Plainfield, Ed Gein was a murderer and body snatcher from rural Wisconsin, where he committed unthinkable crimes in the 1950’s. He exhumed over 40 graves and used the body parts for decorations and trophies. In 1957, Gein shot and decapitated Bernice Worden, and the discovery of her corpse on Gein’s property gave police probable cause to search his residence.

They found random body parts strewn about, such as four noses, skulls on bedposts, lips on window shades and the head and heart of another victim, Mary Hogan. During interviews, Gein claimed that he began to create a woman’s suit made of skin from corpses so he could crawl into it and be closer to his dead mother. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity and was committed to a mental institution. For a notorious sociopath, click next to reveal more ghastly murders.

 Gary Ridgway

Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer, killed as many as 90 people in a span exceeding a decade. His killing spree quickly spiraled out of control and already racked up 40 victims within the first year. In 1982, Ridgway started picking up sex workers and runaways in Washington, then he’d rape and strangle them before discarding their bodies. He left the nude corpses in clusters and would sometimes return to the crime scenes to have sex with the bodies.

He explained he did this out of necessity, so he wouldn’t risk getting caught by raping another woman. Unsurprisingly, he lost count of victims over the decades. The true number may never be known, but reports claim that he killed only 3 known victims after he started his relationship with Judith Monson, the love of his life, in 1985. If this profile isn’t monstrous enough, click next for a real sadist.

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer struck horror into the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin when his sadistic crimes came to light in 1991. Like other extreme killers, Dahmer didn’t only have a high victim count, but committed rape, necrophilia and cannibalism, not to mention morbid experiments and corpse dismemberment. In early adulthood, he became increasingly withdrawn and was later diagnosed with schizotypal disorder and a psychotic disorder.

By the time he was arrested, he already killed 17 young boys and his last encounter was with Tracy Edwards. Dahmer told Edwards that he wanted to eat his heart. Edwards escaped the apartment after 5 hours and came back with police, who discovered Polaroids of dismembered corpses and a freshly severed head in the refrigerator. Dahmer stated his desires to be with attractive men at whatever cost, then used their body parts in a shrine to explain these atrocities. Click next a deadly year of murders.

Aileen Wuornos

Aileen Wuornos went down in history as one of the deadliest female serial killers to be executed on death row. What makes her so evil was her senseless urge to kill for the fun of it, claiming that she seriously hated human life and would keep killing if released. She left this world in 2002 via lethal injection, with her last words being “I’ll be back”. Her killing spree was triggered by her first victim attempting to rape her, but it’s proven that Wuornos deliberately lured her other male victims with the intention to kill.

She shot six men point blank, but maintained that all instances were in self-defense. After her conviction, she couldn’t stand being on death row. On the Psychopathy Checklist, she scored 32 out of 40 points, making her one of the most insane female killers. For an evil couple, click next to reveal the horrifying details.

Fred and Rose West

Fred West was the ringleader in The House of Horrors and orchestrated the murders of a dozen or more girls and women over the course of 20 years with his wife Rose. There were more than shrill screams that went on behind the doors of the horror house. Over half of the victims suffered rape, bondage and torture to sexually gratify monstrous Fred, who then mutilated and dismembered the corpses after murdering them, so it was easier to bury the bodies in their garden.

Rose was more than a brainwashed puppet and actually murdered Fred’s own daughter, Charmaine, shortly before his prison release. Rose left Charmaine’s body in the cellar until Fred came back and had to dismember his own daughter and bury her remains near the back door in the garden. Fred committed suicide on New Year’s Day 1995. Click next to learn about the most evil nurse.

Charles Cullen

Charles Cullen maintains the reputation as the most prolific serial killer in New Jersey and some even suspect his murder rate to exceed the triple digits. Cullen worked as a nurse in a burn unit starting in 1988. Not long after, he administered his first lethal overdose to a patient, which escalated to dozens of deaths. He kept changing hospitals to maintain a low profile and continued to tamper with patients’ medicine and equipment to kill many more.

His suspicious behavior went undetected until 2003, when 4 overdoses were finally linked to Cullen, but by then he had killed another 5 patients. During his deadly 16-year nursing career, it’s unlikely that all victims will ever be identified, and Cullen admittedly can only recall 40 patients by name. He subsequently received multiple life sentences and won’t be eligible for parole until 2403. If this didn’t scare you, click next for a real monster.

Pedro López

Pedro López holds a place as one of the most evil serial killers worldwide. The Colombian criminal was charged with the murder of 80 girls, but claims to have raped and murdered over 300 girls across Colombia, Ecuador and Peru in a 10-year span. His atrocities unfolded in 1980 and was quickly dubbed by media as Monster of the Andes after he led police to 53 graves in Ecuador.

His killing spree could have ended sooner after a Peruvian tribe captured him and were preparing for his execution. At that point, he had killed well over 100 girls in Peru alone, but an American missionary intervened. The native tribe agreed to hand him over to police, who soon released him and his killing rampage only accelerated. He was briefly incarcerated again in 2002, but his current whereabouts are unknown. Click next for the real Terminator.

Andrei Chikatilo

Andrei Chikatilo was a Soviet serial killer, who massacred whole families for over 20 years in the areas of Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. His total victim count is set at a minimum of 52 and he wasn’t apprehended until 1990, when authorities were finally able to capture him in an ambush. It was suspected that Chikatilo may have suffered from schizophrenia, and he cited fulfilling the commands from the voices in his head as the main motive for the slayings.

His auditory hallucinations instructed him to stalk families living in isolated houses in the middle of nowhere, intimidate them with his weapons, then execute family members in order of men, women and children. He admitted to tasting many of his victims’ blood and even swallowed a handful of nipples and chewed on genitals. If this isn’t enough madness, click next for another insane serial killer.

Frederick Mors

Frederick Mors was an Austrian immigrant who settled in New York City in 1914. He soon found employment at the German Odd Fellows’ home as a porter, otherwise known as a doorman. The home housed 250 orphans as well as 100 elderly men and women. He soon began displaying signs of narcissistic tendencies and walked around the residence wearing a white lab coat with a stethoscope around his neck.

Although the young orphans seemed to enjoy his company, the older residents were terrified of him, and Mors insisted that they call him “Herr Doktor”. In a four-month span, 17 residents died at the home; it was proved that Mors poisoned at least 8 of them with arsenic and chloroform. Soon after the investigation began, Mors insisted they were mercy killings to put the sick, elderly residents out of their misery. Click next for the most terrifying clown of all time.

John Wayne Gacy

Before John Wayne Gacy became an evil serial killer, he was the creepiest clown of all time. Even after he started his killing spree, he continued to make appearances as Pogo the Clown at birthdays and charities for children. He was convicted of 33 murders in a five-year span and sentenced to death row, where he remained for 14 years.

He committed his evil crimes in his ranch house in Illinois after finalizing his divorce. With the house to himself, he fondly referred to this freedom as his cruising years, and he celebrated by kidnapping young boys. He raped and tortured a few of his victims, but they all ended up dying of strangulation or asphyxia and Gacy stashed their remains in the crawlspace of his house. If you think appearances decidedly make a difference to help victims avoid predators, click next for a small surprise.

Donald Henry Gaskins

Better known as Pee Wee, Donald Henry Gaskins only learned his real name when he heard it for the first time at a court hearing when he was a juvenile. He came from a neglected home and already had a rap sheet of serious crimes in his youth. He and several dropouts gang raped their friend’s sister. He was always picked on for his short stature and was forced to go to reform school before landing in jail.

He experienced his own share of sexual assault as an inmate, which compelled him to kill the most feared prisoner as revenge. When he finally got out, he executed a hit list of murders for personal reasons, including a neighbor who was 8 months pregnant and her two-year-old daughter. He claimed he murdered over 100 people, but was put on death row for 9 counts of murder.Click next for the best of all serial killers.

 Luis Garavito

Notoriously known as The Beast, Luis Garavito was sentenced to only 22 years in prison for raping, torturing and murdering 147 boys in Colombia. He remains in solitary confinement at an unknown prison for his own safety. His release is technically scheduled for 2021, but Colombian law assures a minimum imprisonment of 60 years for crimes committed against children, despite this not clearly being stated in writing.

He started his killing spree in 1992 and targeted poor, homeless boys by luring them with candy, money or work. He wore disguises, such as a vendor or priest and would walk his victims out to isolated areas until they got tired so he could exercise his calculated attacks. It wasn’t until 1997 that authorities noticed clusters of shallow graves and body dump sites that they thought to open an investigation on the large number of missing children in the area.