The Whole 90 Challenge Kick-off!

Here’s to starting the Whole 90 Challenge — if you didn’t start yesterday, I hope you join us now!
For this 90 day challenge, the emphasis is using whole foods as main ingredients in cooking.

As in my last post, we talked about how “eating better” may mean something different for each of us. The same goes for whole foods — there are so many creative, delicious ways to incorporate whole foods for a balanced, happy you.

For the Whole 90 Challenge, take part in any way you can. Maybe you just want to post 90 days worth of instagram pics or focus on eating 1 more whole food meal a day than you normally have. It might be about using more whole food ingredients in cooking or really challenging yourself to see what you create when you buy 80-90% whole foods.

Here are 10 different ways to inspire you to eat whole foods throughout the day.



Who would not want to eat this? We may not all be culinary artists, but there is a lot to learn from this fruity source of inspiration. If this is eye candy, but not so practical when you’re rushing to get to work, simplify it! There are so many smoothies, whole fruits, oatmeals or granola concoctions that can literally be dumped into a thermos or tupperware container for when you’re on the go. Click on the paradise pic above to visit Feather & Crumb to get an idea for winner combinations and portion sizes that will keep you full and active for your busy morning.


2. Lunch


A hot, satisfying soup thick in a medley of roasted vegetables and a rich, sweetly spiced coconut broth? Yes please! If this is the kind of lunch that you can look forward to while at your 11:30 meeting, click on the delicious pic above to visit Vegan Leaks for more of his cruelty-free recipes. Whatever veggies you have lying around, prep and cook, spice it up and enjoy it in any way you can imagine: soups, curries, salads, sandwiches, wraps all come from this winning combination. You can also individually pack cut up fruit, veggies and cooked grains and assemble bowls, wraps and salads of goodness at work. Just imagine all the possibilities!


3. Dinner


Noodles are always an easy crowd-pleaser, but a pad thai filled with fresh, spicy ingredients, tossed in a creamy sauce is the zest of life served up on a platter! Click on this killer craving above to see more of sobeautifullyreal’s go-to hits for a quick dinner. Just as for lunch, dream up any delectable combination with veggies, beans, lentils or tofu, grains like whole wheat pastas or rice, mix in a tasty sauce with a coconut milk base, herbs and spices and carpe noctem!



Nature’s Candy is the real treat for any sweet tooth: fruit! Dessert has been magnificently transformed into true ambrosia with food artists, like Lulusdreamtown. Click on the fancy dessert above to visit her fantastic feed. Dessert is made simple with frozen fruit and a high-speed blender. Any banana ice cream — better known as nice cream — can be mixed with many berries and tropical fruits, along with herbs, spices and other sweet add-ins like coconut, dates, nuts, seeds, cacao and natural sweeteners that will give you a natural high for life!


5. Taste of Comfort

Ein von emilee bee (@yogibee8) gepostetes Foto am


Whole foods transform our favorite party snacks and comfort foods into guilt-free artistry that you can celebrate! See how yogibee8 made these Buffalo Cauliflower Bites by clicking the party platter above. Many whole food, vegan substitutes are possible with herbs and spices for big flavor and adding in more veggies for textures that mimic popular foods that are traditionally meat and dairy based. The impossible has been defeated with fried chicken, mac and cheese, jalapeño poppers, stuffed mushrooms, nachos and even meatballs. What family favorite are you going to recreate for your loved ones?


6. Spice it up


If your goal is to eat less processed grains and maybe put beloved tortillas to rest for a while, the burrito bowl is the way to go! Click on the colorful bowl above to visit lisamyaf’s instagram feed for more inspiring dishes. Deconstructing favorites like burgers, sushi rolls, wraps, pitas and burritos are also perfect for those of us who always over-stuff our creations. Make room for so many delicious ingredients and add seasonings for the perfect amount of heat: Add whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa or bulgur. Use any kind of beans, lentils, tofu or seitan you wish and season it to your liking. Choose all the veggies and salsas of the rainbow with hot peppers as desired. Play around with texture in how finely or coarsely you chop up your veggies. Try several bowls to see which veggies you prefer raw or cooked. Be creative and experiment with various ratios of all of these goodies to create the most epic bowl!


7. Simply Delicious


This Israel Salad is simply fresh and so easy to make! Click on rawpantry above her pic to reveal the whole ingredients in this balanced salad. Especially for those of us who swear we have now time to cook, let alone create, and we are really struggling to give ourselves healthy options, simply delicious is the best way to eat. You can literally throw together anything you have in your kitchen and get a satisfying meal. There are countless instagram accounts preparing meals like this, just take a little bit of everything and add desired seasonings to make for a balanced rainbow bowl.



Cook up something delicious, like this Pumpkin Risotto. Click on healthisforhappy above her pic to view her delicious feed. There are countless ways of cooking: ready in 20 minutes, real food made fast, one pot slow cookers, stir fries. When you’re really busy, stick to your tried and true recipes, and save a sensual cooking night for the weekend. Anybody can cook, and anything can be made delicious with whole food ingredients!



Raw foods are the real fast foods! Click on the rainbow pic above to see more of Fullyrawkristina’s surreal-looking, raw recipes. Grab and go with your favorite fruits and veggies and you’re set for the day. If you’re craving something fresh, a big salad could be really fun to make. Use a broad color palate and create texture with how you chop — or even spiralize — your veggies. Challenge the definition of dressing by using only raw ingredients to liven up a gigantic veggie bowl. What will your veggie paradise look like?


10. Creative Eats


Be a true visionary and use food as your medium to create something new and unexpected! Click on these veggie-stuffed steam buns to visit anettvelsberg’s inspiring feed! If you live to eat, maybe you can live to create as well. Eating healthfully with whole foods doesn’t have to be boring by any means. There are so many fusion foods and frankenfoods yet to be created! What will you bring to the table?

I hope this gave you a good idea of the many different ways you can eat whole foods on a daily basis. Comment below with your menu for this coming week. I can’t wait to see what you all create!