Summer Recipes

Hi Everybody! Here’s the post for any summer recipes that I have featured on my blog so far. Since many of the things I make in the summer is assembly, I typically eyeball and use ratios for determining how much I make, may it be for a treat or a meal. If you want to go back to the featured post, simply click on the picture. Enjoy!


Nice Cream

Nice Cream
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  • Start with 2 frozen bananas. 3 for a large portion.
  • How-to: Chop frozen bananas into pieces. Start blending on the ice cube setting until it’s malleable and starts to come together. Mix it and cream it on the lowest setting. Repeat blending on ice cube setting when adding your second frozen fruit until it’s mixed together. Blend on mixed setting for  additional flavors.
  • Note: you may not have to chop the bananas (just cut into 1-2 pieces) if you have a powerful blender. Settings may vary from appliance, but the goal is a soft, mixed in, creamy consistency.
  • Add in the desired flavors. For fruit add at least 1 serving (more or less). For a bigger meal or if you’re sharing, add even more and the flavor will be stronger.

Fruit combinations are endless. My favorites are strawberry, blueberry, triple berry, pineapple, mango.

Try nice flavorings like cacao, peanut butter, dark chocolate or cacao nibs, vanilla bean. Whatever pleases your palate.

  •  Sweeten it: Feel free to add dates, stevia flavored drops, maple syrup or your sweetener of choice.

I personally only add a bit if I use cacao or vanilla.

  •  Top it off!

I love topping the nice cream with any amount or combination of seeds, crushed nuts, shredded coconut, melted dark chocolate drizzle, cacao nibs, more fresh fruit, vegan whipped cream, Alpro yogurt or spices.

Get creative and finally get what you want. Satisfy and indulge yourself with nature’s candy.

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Oh, that velvety, delicious texture that folds layers into the cup — in such a way it should be banned in the kitchen. Stop it. Pictured above is banana pineapple nice cream with some drizzled, hardened chocolate.


2. Minty Nice Cream

Minty Nice Cream
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This minty goodness is simple and refreshing. Get sophisticated with a few green nibbles as a palate cleanser between courses of your veggie feast. Let it soothe your adventurous mouth after a spicy meal. Cool down on parched summer days.

What you see is what you get above: bananas. light mint. spinach. creamed and cold. 

Double the fun with a very minty treat that will rejuvenate and waken your senses for the day to come. Mint really feels that powerful. Curiously so.

Indulge in the perfectly healthy treat with a liberal portion of the classic After Eight, or Peppermint Bonbon, if you’d rather. The dynamic chocolate-mint duo will convince you it’s the real deal and you’ll boycott the store bought stuff without batting an eye.

The Palate Cleanser

  • Make nice cream from frozen bananas, as shown in the nice cream recipe.
  • Add 1-2 servings of spinach, fresh or frozen for extra nutrients and to turn it green, of course.
  • Blend in the spinach so it’s well incorporated before proceeding.
  • Add 6-10 coarsely chopped mint leaves.
  • Blend in to nice cream to ensure even distribution.


Double Mint Nice Cream

  • Make nice cream from frozen bananas, as shown in the nice cream recipe.
  • OPTIONAL STEPS For a dessert, you may not want spinach, but really, why not?!
    •  Add 1-2 servings of spinach, fresh or frozen for extra nutrients and to turn it green, of course.
    • Blend in the spinach so it’s well incorporated before proceeding.
  • Add 0.5-1 cup of coarsely chopped mint leaves, to taste. Start with a dozen leaves or so and taste before adding more.
  • Blend in to nice cream to ensure even distribution.
  • OPTIONAL STEPS For a creamier dessert, add a couple splashes of plant milk 
    • This softened and slightly soupy mixture can firm up in the freezer for 10-20 minutes.
    • Pack nice cream in an air-tight container, wrapped in a plastic or Ziploc bag before leaving in freezer for over 30 minutes.

After Eight Nice Cream

  • Make nice cream from frozen bananas, as shown in the nice cream recipe.
  • Add 0.5-1 cup of coarsely chopped mint leaves to taste. Taste before adjusting. Blend.
  • Add 1 tablespoon dark chocolate chips, shavings or cacao nibs to taste. Taste before adjusting Blend.
  • Add fresh or thawed spinach if a greener color if desired. Blend.
  • Add a sweetener of choice to taste, if desired. Blend.


3. Frostee!

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Speaking of boycotting, franchises that boast any sort of triple-thick, hand-dipped, malted milkshake  can step down. Shake up your own kitchen with this Frostee! I don’t care what you call this, just go and make it.

Pictured is a extra thick strawberry chocolate extravaganza, powered by bananas. 

I love making this on days I need a quick bite or when I don’t feel like eating fruit. Because it’s so thick, a little bit of chocolate soy milk really goes a long way and I make it with at least three servings of fruit.

This is the most decadent drink you’ll need a spoon for that will be all the rave when paired with a burger. Take it out to breakfast. Invite it along for lunch. Let it be there for you post-workout recovery.

2 Frozen bananas with just enough chocolate or vanilla soy milk to turn it into a thick, frozen Frosty (about a 4:1 banana-liquid ratio). My favorite combination is chocolate soy milk, blending it with the bananas and adding 1 part frozen or fresh strawberries. I also like topping it with coconut chia pudding and pomegranate, pictured in thumbnail.

Start with 2 frozen bananas, chopped if needed for blender

In blender, add enough plant milk of choice (I use chocolate soy milk); fill only half way so only half the amount of banana is covered in milk. Blend.

Add second fruit flavor, if desired. Add more milk, if desired. The consistency should be thick and slightly fluid. Adjust the consistency to your preference. Blend.

Top the poured Frostee, if desired. I’ve tried coconut chia pudding and pomegranate, as pictured in thumbnail.

4. Coconut Cream

Pineapple Coconut Nicecream
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You’ll go coconuts over this, so might as well make one this week. This nice cream variation gets extra rich and creamy as it’s softened with coconut milk for some big impact taste. Let it firm in the freezer for a bit and you’re good to go.

This works perfectly with other plant milks, as well, but while we’re on the tropical theme, play around with some sweet and tangy fruits.

Pictured above is pineapple coconut nice cream. If you haven’t caught on yet, nice cream means bananas.  This perfectly spun dessert got generous toppings of crushed cashews and dark chocolate drizzle.

2 bananas, blend to nice cream;

add 1-2 parts (softly) frozen pineapple, blend into the nice cream;

add splashes of coconut water to ensure the mixture will continue blending and make it creamy;

It should still be frozen and may be just a bit soupy. Pour into a bowl, mix the fluid part in and put in the freezer to firm it up for at least 15 minutes.

I like to top this with melted dark chocolate drizzle and crushed cashews.

Try out your own fruit combo or add more coconut milk to the bananas and freeze a bit longer. Get creative with the toppings, too!

  • Make nice cream from frozen bananas, as shown in the nice cream recipe.
  • OPTIONAL STEPS: skip if you don’t want to add more fruit.
    •  Add a splash of water, coconut water or coconut milk.
    • Add frozen or fresh fruit of choice. Blend. We added a bit of liquid so the mixture doesn’t get too thick or break the blender.
  • Add coconut milk or other plant milk of choice. Pour just enough to get mixture soft and creamy; we don’t want it too runny.
  • Pour mixture into container suited for the freezer. Let it firm up for 10-20 minutes to preference.
    • Pack nice cream in an air-tight container, wrapped in a plastic or Ziploc bag before leaving in freezer for over 30 minutes.
  • Take out of freezer, dish up and top as desired
  • Topping ideas could be: nuts, dark chocolate or cacao nibs, fresh fruit, seeds, vegan whipped cream.

5. Coconut Fruit Pops

What kids would do for a fruit pop on those hot summer days? Us grown kids can still relish that nostalgic feeling with whole fruit slices and all-natural flavor. Not that you need reminding, but eat them fast  — if kept in the freezer for days the juices could separate and of course they’ll start melting if you lack the licks.

Fruit Pops

Take your popsicle molds, fill with several pieces sliced fruit:

Experiment with strawberry, kiwi, watermelon, pineapple or other berries;

Fill mold with coconut water so the bottom part can still close properly.

Coconut water substitute: of course, you don’t need coconut water, but it adds flavor. Infuse water with anything that pleasantly flavors water naturally. These work really well: berries, ginger, mint.

Freeze and enjoy! Make sure to eat within 5 days, any longer and they may separate, leaving you with flavorless, watery parts.

Smoothie Pops

This also is a great idea with berry, water-based smoothies.

pour the smoothie directly from the blender into the molds.

(always leave enough room for the mold to close and freeze properly)

and you got a frozen treat!

Juice Pops

  press your own juice combination, blend fruit into juice of choice or use juice of choice as it comes.

pour in popsicle molds.

(always leave enough room for the mold to close and freeze properly)

and you got a frozen treat!

I like orange-pineapple-mango or orange-strawberry-passion fruit.

6. Frozen Watermelon Limeade

Frozen Watermelon Limeade
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7. Frozen Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade
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(with strawberry, watermelon or combo, also blend pineapple and lemon together. Add bananas to both parts to make it more like a creamy nice cream)

8. Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

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10. Spiced Peaches N Cream

Also could make as a nice cream with vanilla or coconut yogurt or coconut milk blend.

Blend in frozen spiced peaches or leave in chunks if desired (could be just chilled or partially frozen),

Peach substitute: try with strawberry: fold in roughly chopped chocolate covered strawberries, or leave whole and cut off pieces with spoon. This works with  with pineapple or mango), too.