Hidden Camera Shows What Animals Really Do Away from Humans

Epic Animal Pics Captured by Hidden Cameras

You Have to See These Wild Pictures of Animals 

Animal Pics You Wouldn’t Believe If They Weren’t Caught on Camera

Hidden Cameras Reveal What Animals Really Do in the Wil 

You Can’t Miss These Epic Hidden Camera Shots of Animals

We’ve all been there when someone snaps our pic right at the most inopportune of moments. Mid-sneeze, a strained smile or the classic closed eyes shot captured in a blink – so many opportunities for pics that are anything but photogenic. Even better if you’re one of those Millennials still posting daily vlogs to public domain – so many frames to freeze at the worst possible second that could start such a blaze across social media you’ll be sure to feel the burn.

Think about how this poor bear must feel, only if he knew his shot is now internet famous and millions of strangers can have a good laugh at his expense. Like all the animals on this list, that’s what’s going to happen for showing off in front of a camera. In this footage from across the globe, most animals had no idea they were being recorded. Click next for a lurker that would creep anyone out.

Shot of the Hunter and the Hunted

Admittedly, this is the only uncandid photo of the bunch, but when the group of hunting buddies browsed through the pics, they likely were scared out of their minds. Even the burliest of hunters would feel the hairs on their necks prickle after seeing what was lurking in the background here. Don’t think for a moment that this timely shot is purely coincidental.

This mountain lion knew exactly what it was doing – let the big, dumb animals take out the prey so it can prime itself to come in and drag it off into the wilderness. This makes you wonder which one is the hunter and which is being hunted. This mountain lion is an expert stalker, who felt up for making a cameo before plunging back into the darkness. Lurking predators are epic, but foragers make pics more entertaining when caught. Click next for a critter on the hunt.

Cutest Easter Egg Hunt Ever

Because of the nature of this photo, it almost wouldn’t be surprising to learn this is a domesticated rodent and his proud humans documents his first Easter egg hunt. Just look at the opened egg for a clue – it’s filled with sunflower seeds. Maybe this is a warm gesture to strengthen human-squirrel alliances, but what home owners want to welcome squirrel-infested backyards? Still, this cute little guy found his treat with no problem, since he can expertly pry anything open.

It’s a wonder that this squirrel didn’t question Easter eggs out in plain sight – isn’t he friends with the Easter bunny after all? You’d think he’d be suspicious and realize maybe they’re not freebies to help himself to, but a death trap laced with poison. Wouldn’t rodents enjoy going on a hunt that’s much more difficult anyways? Other animals want free food, too – click next for a stash at great heights.

What Will You Do for Free Food?

This Yogi Bear will do anything for a picnic basket… or whatever it is that’s up in that bear canister. Campers hope not to ever have a live bear encounter when out in nature, though it’s more likely that they’ll wait until you’re gone to plunder your campsite. Because of this footage, it can only be assumed that this team was hoping for some bear action, and probably left some bait to see who’d come to dance.

Bears shouldn’t be underestimated, as nothing is guaranteed to be bear-proof. If you think hiking up into bear country wouldn’t be much of a problem, let this pic be a reminder to you that bears are really big and too fierce to give up so easily. This looks like a person stretching out in a bear suit – only that it’s very real and most likely 7 feet tall. Click next for a more intimidating photo.

Call of the Wild

If the camera owners were staying nearby, they probably weren’t surprised to see this gathering, but it’s downright intimidating! It may be one thing to hear wolves howling in the distance, but to see the action makes you wonder if they have an agenda. Wolf lovers will appreciate this rare angle of these three amigos, but it’s almost too uncanny – like the wolves realized there was a camera and deliberately positioned themselves at different angles.

What else is there to explain the body shot in the background, right profile pic and a close up with its jaws wide open? This pack is sending a message – never forget we were here first! There is no mistaking how big these wolves are either, who have a bite much stronger than a mountain lion’s. Whether it be intelligence or convenience, click next to see a refreshing way to cool down.

Water Monkey

Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy a cool refreshing stream of water on a hot day. Just like when our parents convinced us that running through the sprinklers on a summer day was better than a waterpark, animals are just as curious to try it out when they approach running water. Who knows what this little guy anticipated when he thought he could use this opportunity to wet his whistle.

Maybe his plan was to gingerly take a sip, like from a delicate fountain, but this stream looks like enough pressure to give the monkey a shower. Let’s hope he was able to figure it out without sputtering and walking away soaking wet. This task required an advanced level of interaction with human made devices. For other creatures who got up close and personal in a whole other way, click next to see some cute little faces.

Meerkat Mania

Alright, the jig is up. So much for a hidden camera to observe African wildlife. When this meerkat gang came strolling by on their usual hunt for grub, they immediately saw this “incognito lens” and had to ask the age-old question: What’s this? With the lens glinting in the sunlight, it caught the eye of one meerkat, and he brought a friend to help him investigate.

When the close up and prodding became a serious business and the gang realized it was in search of something more valuable than food, the rest just had to check it out, too. They soon began playfully fighting over the prime spot to get their faces right up close for optimal focus. If they had any idea their cameo would make them famous, they probably would’ve pulled out some tricks, too. If you think wild animals can’t experience embarrassment, click next to see what happened to a big guy.

Why Antlers Aren’t Practical

Not all internet famous content is positive attention for the stars. Some unwittingly go viral for candid shots they wished could be erased from cyberspace. Just think about how this poor reindeer must feel. Not only did we not get him from his good side, but we caught him right at the worst time. He’s probably thinking why couldn’t he have strolled by a camera two days ago right after he had just freshly sharpened his antlers?

No, this had to happen right after his curiosity got the best of him and now he’s stuck with this…whatever it is stuck on his antlers. That’s what he was trying to solve for himself before this happened. That time Playing detective was bad enough near a clothesline and his buddies called him coat rack and wouldn’t let him join in any reindeer games. If this is ambitious, click next for a creature with quite the appetite.

One Fell Swoop

When a creature of the night swoops in with such speed, you barely feel a ruffle of feathers before it already seizes your flesh with its talons. But what went through this deer’s mind when some random owl lacerated his ears and head? In total darkness, there’s no way he saw this coming for him from up above until it was already too late.

This owl obviously saw what he was doing with his expert night vision. He was just really hungry. Or maybe he had a vendetta out for the deer after answering the owl’s calls with who? who? like an imbecile. Or could it be they both see the same mouse and the owl has to snatch it from behind but has a giant deer blocking the way? This isn’t the only time deer had to share the spotlight with a woodland critter. Click next to reveal nature’s burglar.

Nocturnal Photobombing

Yes, most people would agree that raccoons have these cute little faces that make them the best photo bombers with natural stealth so they can sneak into any frame at the most opportune moment. Normally, it’s the deer in the headlights look that leave the large flight animals grounded. Apparently, the deer are oblivious to the live footage and someone told the raccoon to freeze. Who knows what he was guilty of plundering this time during his midnight escapades.

Raccoons also have the perfect little fingers to break into anything deemed secure and these feisty kleptomaniacs can’t resist anything hard and shiny, like a camera left out in the open. Unlikely that his conscience caught up with him to make him feel watched; if he could, he definitely would make away with his new loot. Other woodland critters seem rather peaceful; click next to view a surprising boxing match.

Porcupines in the Ring

Porcupines are known for plugging along on the forest floor and munching on bark until a predator comes along and it has to puff out its quills in self-defense. But what chance does it have duking it out with another porcupine? With very little to go on here to determine what kind of quarrel led up to this shot, these two clearly have something to settle.

They must end once and for all what they couldn’t finish in an altercation from earlier in the day. Ya think you’re better than me? Retorts one and starts the round off with a slap on the paw. We’ll never know who won this round or what originally fueled the fire in this midnight boxing match. There’s another cool cat in the woods, who will take no crap from anybody. For more entertaining animal fighting, click next to see a match with two against one.

Bobcat Teasing Prey

Yes, this is a bobcat and if it wants to, it can take down a whole deer, but these guys clearly aren’t getting the message. Domesticated bobcats are playful, but still ferocious, wild kitties in nature. Perched up on its mount, this bobcat obviously just started a game of ‘don’t touch the ground’, but no one else seems to understand how it works. Hoof it, guys, the ground is lava, don’t you know!

If the bobcat can’ get his way with fun and games, he may have to resort to a very real battle of fight or flight if his new friends keep acting like prey. Unbeknownst to us, the deer have their own silent game of ‘I’m not touching you’. Let’s see how close they get to the bobcat without getting slashed by his ninja-like reflexes. The deer have a few unfortunate appearances here. Click next to check out the real struggle.

The Struggle of Antlers

This is Brambles. He was sauntering out in the open land with his buddies before they all dashed back into the woods. He saw them leaping through the clearing, when a secret passage caught his eye. The last buck saw him warning, No, Brambles, it’s a trap!

Excited by the prospects of lost treasure, a secret lair or a hidden vortex, Brambles made a break for the low brush…and got his antlers stuck again.

Here we go again, the herd sighed. He is always confused about his coiffeur and how he got in this predicament yet again. His companions made him walk around like that for the night, hoping the twigs would fall out on their own. This is how we got documented proof that this derp exists. Brambles never learns. If you think stupid is as stupid does, you’ll never guess what a tiger would attempt. Click next for an iffy before shot.

What Would Happen If…?

Meet the tiger that asked himself what would happen if he tried playing with the porcupine for a change. This porcupine is clearly all about sniffing out some prime bark to munch on and would rather have some alone time. After all, if he wanted any company, he’d find his frenemy to have a go at another round of boxing. But no, looks like he’ll have to fend off this terribly confused tiger trying to take a sniff at his butt.

With the puffed out quills sticking out all over, tiger friend doesn’t understand to get lost – sort of the point, right? Instead of taking a hint, the tiger got too nosey and probably learned the hard way. After all, it’s all fun and games until someone ends up in tears. For such a round of roughhousing, click next for a shot taken at just the right second.

The Pain Is Real

You know that initial shock of pain right when your best friend hits you where it hurts the most? That’s the exact second this lion thought, Oh no you didn’t! I don’t remember signing up for this! There’s a good chance he wasn’t sorry at all. For all we know, this lion had it coming and going right for the nerve was a fighting tactic that only made sense. What would you do in a situation like that?

This hilarious image conveys so many emotions all in one shot: anguish, disbelief, shock, disgust, anger, betrayal. We can only imagine what sick move this wounded lion followed up with. One thing is clear, this menacing companion is a proverbial thorn in his side! This playful interaction definitely proves that animals are a lot more like humans than we may think. Click next for more proof of human-like tendencies.

You’ve Got a Friend

Our distant relatives prove they’re not so different from us when it comes to being there for each other. This little guy is having a bad day after being humiliated in front of the whole gang. He went to sit far, far away, where he could die of embarrassment in peace. His only friend saw what happened and came to offer some moral support. Resting his hand on his dismayed friends’ shoulder, he comforts him, as if to say, hey, I’m here for you, man.

This primate that became the laughing stock after monkeying around one too many times is already lamenting I can’t even. It would really be salt in the wound if he were to find out that this private moment was also captured on candid camera. Here’s hoping that things started looking up for him real soon. For fine entertainment, click next to see an acrobatic troupe.

The Towering Coon

Normally we catch our favorite little burglars alone in the act, which is probably a good thing. Here is what happens when raccoons band together and hatch an ambitious scheme to land their little paws on some serious loot. While it may be cute to see these bandits doing some epic teamwork to form a leaning tower, it’s almost scary to think how often we underestimate these guys. What else are they capable of?

They may be caught in the act, but were they successful? Unless immediately threatened, raccoons don’t readily scurry away and will even continue to snatch more treasures right in front of you. Let’s hope the contents these guys sniffed out from the suspended canister don’t come crashing down on them and foil their group effort. If you’re curious about the trials of motherhood in the wild, click next to get a glimpse of an ‘awe’ moment.

The Foxy Mama

This night cam got a great shot of a mama fox pausing mid-step with her litter while they all latch on for some sustenance. Wild animals often seem cold toward their young and are left to fend for themselves months after birth. This shot offers a glimpse into how loving and peaceful mothers in nature can actually be. This fox looks peaceful and happy as she proudly provides for her litter.

It’s good to know that the pups will be well taken care of until they’re big enough to take off on their own into the wild. This sweet family is precious, but some species live in much bigger communities. For a colony of impressive numbers, we’ll have to venture to wide open coastline, although everyone will stay huddled together like always. To see how negotiations are done right, click next for an up close shot.

Deal or No Deal

Here we have a prime example of penguin negotiations in nature. This ongoing process involves two males, accompanied by their backers for moral support and advice, to aid their decisions before the deal making is concluded. Since this is something they do every day, the females in the background pay no mind and are just waiting for them to be over and done with it already.

The penguin extends its beak and puffs out his chest to intimidate the opposition, insisting on better terms before the discussion is tabled. We’ll just have to stay tuned to see if better terms were negotiated in the end or if the next shot will reveal subsequent deliberations. When talking it over doesn’t work out in your favor, there is a more physical way to take care of things. For a photo that will sweep you off your feet, click next to reveal some furry friends.

Wipe Out

Well, looks like he didn’t even know what hit him. The only thing he must be thinking midair is this was totally on purpose. When it comes to running and playing in the now, he learned as a pup there are no such things as accidents, yet getting sideswiped is hardly fair play. After this guy shook everything out, chances are he went to seek immediate payback.

How exactly everything went down from this totally on purpose collision is left to our imaginations unfortunately. The only thing we can be sure about in nature is that it’s a dog eat dog world out there and especially in the wild, what goes around is sure to come around again. Hopefully these spontaneous animal pics will inspire you to take your pets out for a run and capture some epic shots as well. Who knows our animal friends will continue to amaze us!