What Your Favorite Spice Says About You

Cultures all over the world have used herbs and spices to create a culinary identity for thousands of years. Each spice has a unique purpose and important symbolism in all of our favorite dishes. Many spices hold strong roots to home traditions in prominent cultures, and have influenced the world through historical spice trades.

Not only do many of these fragrant plants have medicinal properties that have influenced families for generations, they also represent significant virtues and attributes in our daily lives. We are drawn to a particular spice for a variety of reasons, but many of us haven’t considered what and herb or spice may reveal about our personalities. Here is a list of the best in our spice cabinets that will bring you more insight to your true character that is bound to inspire you in the kitchen. Click next to reveal the first herb grown to promote joy.


If you love using oregano in your cooking, you have a very warm and nurturing personality. You love having close friends and family over for dinners, and are always welcoming and hospitable when they invite guests to your home. People want to be around you because of your loving and giving nature and you often find that your place is the hub for get-togethers in your social circle.

Your motto is the more the merrier and you love meeting new people, especially if it means offering them homemade food. You teach your family to appreciate what they have and learn to enjoy the little things in life. Baked pasta, noodle and rice dishes are staples for dinner. For more gusto, mix oregano with paprika, salt and pepper to enjoy in your favorite dishes and meats. Click next to reveal a zesty favorite in the herb garden. 


Basil is a favorite when it comes to a sweet and zesty herb with pleasantly aromatic leaves. If basil always makes the cut in your favorite recipes, here is what it may reveal about your personality.You are the life of the party and people love being around you because you’re energetic and very personable. You often attract people in your life who are looking for happiness and prosperity, and they are drawn to your optimistic outlook on life.

Your motto is live life to the fullest and you thrive on new experiences that will create beautiful memories to look back on for years to come. For more aromatic cooking that will transform any dish into a tangy triumph, add lemon and garlic to you any food starring basil, and be generous with the pepper while you’re at it! Click next to learn more about the sweetest spice of all.


Cinnamon has promoted soothing and warmth with its fragrant and spicy composition, which has inspired baking for centuries. In ancient times, cinnamon was a prized luxury and was regarded as the most valuable offering for gods and fit for royalty. Cinnamon is just as valuable in our spice cabinets today and may reveal a sweet truth about you if you have the habit of sprinkling it on everything.

You have a very empathetic and loving disposition and go out of your way to make time for others in your life. Your caring nature allows people to open up to you and they are grateful for your compassionate insight. You tend to wear your heart on your sleeve, but are strong enough to not let your sensitive side get the best of you. Your success lies in your ability to emotionally connect with others, which will make a rewarding career for you. Click next to reveal and even stronger spice.


Clove is a powerful spice that reminds us even in the darkest times of the year to keep moving forward. Cloves come from an evergreen tree native to Indonesia, which represents vitality and strength. If you feel like you come alive after biting into a spiced cake or cookie, you probably have a profound connection to cloves. You have a strong personality, but are also very down to earth.

Friends and family in your life sense your strength and turn to you to keep them grounded, especially during hard times. You are very resilient and deal with stress well, which makes you a natural team leader at work. Your coworkers also admire your initiative, which is responsible for financial success in the company and exceeding project goals. Try hot drinks or cooking with vanilla, red wine, anise or peppercorns. Click next to learn about a sensual spice.


 Nutmeg is a classic spice famous in the culinary world for its versatility, as it is the perfect star in both sweet and savory meals. It is viewed as a romantic spice and is used for weddings and holiday dinners because of its rich, fragrant flavor and intoxicating aroma. If you feel inspired by nutmeg, you wish to draw more love and luck into your life.

You are a sensual person who is in touch with your mind and body. These qualities make you a very attentive lover, but you are also capable of intimate friendships full of passion and laughter. You have a lot to offer in terms of fostering personal connections and you thrive on creating special moments with those closest to you. Spice up your cooking with nutmeg in potatoes, dumplings, soup and rice dishes. Click next to learn about a spice to take charge in your life.


Ginger is an influential spice used in cooking all around the world and had a historical place in the European spice trade. This has made it a staple in Asian cooking and spiced sweets, and it is still widely used for its medicinal properties. If you feel alive when eating meals spiced with ginger, here it what it reveals about you. Ginger has worked its way into many traditions, and you also have a great appreciation for your family values and how you grew up learning to love.

When you allow yourself to love, you tap into your inner power and make great things happen. Since you are family-oriented, you love sharing any wealth with those closest to you and believe that shared success is the key to happiness. Friends respect you for your generosity and you motivate them to achieve their own success, which often results in financial gain. Click next for the hottest spice.


Chili peppers have been a part of the human diet for thousands of years and not only benefit the metabolism, but offer medicinal remedies as well. The love of the chili may be culturally linked, but there is evidence to suggest it comes down to your personality. If you also can’t get enough of hot spices like chili, you are strong-willed and very intense.

When you are in touch with your feelings, things can get heated very quickly and you may find it difficult to keep yourself centered and move on with your day. Once you get your head in the game, you come up with great, new ideas, which makes you the perfect entrepreneur. You are very passionate about your work and put everything you have into new ventures. You aren’t afraid to take risks, but need to think consequences through. Click next to reveal the most popular spice. 


Peppercorns have been used in the culinary world for thousands of years and remain the most traded spice in the world. If you season your food with a good amount of pepper, you have a natural ability to keep yourself grounded. Others would describe you as very level-headed and with a clear direction in your life. Friends and family turn to you for advice since they admire these qualities in you and sense your strength to work through difficult situations.

Because you have a strong sense of what you want in life, you effortlessly avoid distractions and aren’t tempted by addictive substances or behaviors. A fulfilling career path for you would be working in treatment centers or with high risk youth. You have a gift of counseling others who need guidance in life to break destructive habits and work towards self-improvement.Click next to reveal a naturally bright spice.


Turmeric has its roots in Asian cuisine for thousands of years and has also been a natural resource for yellow dye. If you love using this peppery, earthy herb, here is what it reveals about you. You have a dynamic, chameleon-like personality and adapt well to new situations. You love meeting new people and thrive when you have an action-packed social life. You would rather fill your life with people instead of materialistic possessions and you benefit from a more minimalist lifestyle.

Friends and family admire your ability to make the most of what you have and living your life to the fullest by honorable means. Your gift makes you cut out for work as a professional organizer because people are willing to take your advice on letting go of materialistic possessions. Friends look up to you as a lifestyle guru and follow your lead in fresh, clean living. Click next to learn about a lucky spice.


Star anise has a strong, sweet taste that everyone associates with black licorice. Traditionally, anise has also been used for blessing marriages and relationships with luck and happiness. If you love the distinct flavoring of anise, you appreciate bold taste and are in touch with your inner self. You have innate psychic abilities because you have always followed your intuition to help you make important decisions that have defined your life.

You bring the ability to read emotions to your relationships and this helps you form strong bonds with loved ones. Your hidden gift is helping others as a spiritual mentor, so they can learn to listen to their inner voices to create true happiness in their lives. Because of your optimistic outlook, you constantly attract positive energy and others notice how luck and coincidences seem to follow you. Click next to read about the freshest herb of all.


Mint is famous for its fresh, strongly aromatic flavor and is enjoyed for a peppery or cooling flavoring in a variety of dishes. Because of this invigorating effect, it has been traditionally associated with luck and protection. If you love fresh mint and enjoy it as your favorite sweet, here it what it reveals about you. As a sweet natured person, you open up to others after getting to know them and have a small group of close-knit friends.

You identify as more of an introvert because you are a keen observer, but need space after stimulation overload. Rest and sleeping is very important to you, but you also benefit from spending time deep in your dreams. As a natural escapist, you have acute psychic abilities, which makes you very creative and full of ideas. But if you don’t protect yourself properly, you are very susceptible to feeling drained by other people’s emotions. Click next for a healing herb.


Thyme is a classic savory herb famous in Mediterranean cooking and praised for its strong, earthy freshness. It was traditionally used to represent courage and also symbolized the passing of souls when used at funerals in ancient times. If thyme is your go-to herb especially in winter months for warm meals, you have more virtues apart from your courageousness.

You are very health-conscious and people come to you for advice on living in balance and harmony. In addition to proper nutrition, adequate sleep and exercise are important to you, and you have much more energy by maintaining this lifestyle. Your intuition is very powerful and you are receptive to important messages when you take care of yourself. This insight inspires you to speak the truth and you have the courage to voice your opinion, regardless of what others think. Click next to learn about a lively party herb.  


This famous garnish is also used for refreshing Mediterranean salads and is well known as a natural source for antioxidants. If this green herb puts you in the mood for festivities, here is what else it says about you. Having fun with your friends and family is your favorite way to enjoy life. You take pleasure in the little things and turn any triumph into a reason for celebration.

People in your life rely on you for a good time and you have a large circle of best friends you always keep in touch with. The friendship you offer is priceless and is of great value in your romantic relationships as well. By surrounding yourself with so many people, you need to remember to be cautious about who you trust and allow time to wind down.  Click next to reveal a surprisingly powerful herb.


Rosemary is known for its fragrant leaves and pungent bouquet that is perfect for salads, main dishes and roasts. Its delicate freshness inspired the name rosemary, meaning “dew of the sea” in Latin. If you turn to rosemary to inspire you in the kitchen, here is what it reveals about you. As a spirited person, you have many talents and interests that draw a diverse group of friends near you.

However, you have the habit of overextending yourself and need to allow enough rest so you have the mental strength to accomplish all your endeavors. You also have an innate ability to show interest in others, which makes you the perfect date. Romantic interests find you fascinating, but you have a greater power to heal them from past wounds, so they are free to love you more passionately. Click next to learn about the perfect herb for warding off negativity.


Native to Central Asia, garlic has been used in cuisine and medicine for thousands of years. Traditionally, it’s assisted in exorcisms and blessings and is known for banishing negative energy. If you pile on the garlic for any occasion, here is what else it means about your life. You are an intense person that others may mistake for being forward. You know what you want and aren’t afraid to voice your opinion.

Although this outspokenness may be intimidating, it is also your strength since ill-intentioned people steer clear of you and you aren’t an easy target for theft. Once people get to know you, they appreciate you for who you truly are and you demonstrate profound loyalty to those closest to you. Friends feel they can trust you with their darkest secrets and in return, you have a natural ability to help heal their emotional pain. Click next to read about a hot spice.  


Mustard seed has a strong, distinguished flavor with more than enough of a bite to wake up your taste buds. They are the perfect addition to any curry, soup, roast or potato dish, and offer lots of heat and complexity to mixed spices. If mustard seed is what makes you feel alive, you may find this personal insight to be surprising. Traditionally, mustard seed has been used for fertility and protection rituals, as it represents the seed of life that grows into a temple to keep sacred.

You treat your own body with this same respect and it has opened up your true potential. You have deep insight and can unlock your own mental capacity to achieve success and happiness. This has given you the strength needed to overcome challenges and persevere in difficult situations. Friends admire your wisdom and hope to learn from you. Click next to read about a vivacious herb.


Coriander, otherwise known as cilantro, is a rejuvenating herb with a very polarizing reputation. Diners either love it or hate it, either way it is a zesty staple in spicy cuisine all over the world. If you can’t get enough of coriander leaves or seeds, here is some insight into your personality. You are drawn to fantasy and the supernatural and believe there is magic everywhere. Your enlightened and exuberant personality thrives on entertaining new ideas and challenging the impossible.

You attract people who are looking for excitement in their lives and are interested in your eccentric views. You need new experiences regularly and are constantly looking for new ways to explore self-discovery. Love and health are important for you to achieve balance and you are prone to developing ailments if you are stressed or having trouble in your relationships. Click next to learn about an unexpectedly lucky herb.


Dill is a tangy, fresh herb that carries strong flavor through many types of cooking. If the taste of dill gives you a reason to celebrate as you enjoy your favorite foods, here are a few more things it says about you. Friends and family would describe you as an outgoing person with a happy-go-lucky attitude. You love hanging out with friends in a fun party atmosphere and play lots of games to relax.

Because you are a people person, you take advantage of your connections at work and have had lots of luck with your career opportunities. Despite this, financial security is a topic of worry and you need reminding to focus on your long term planning instead of getting distracted by your fun and games. Working in a field that you find rewarding will solve money problems and leave more time to be your carefree self. Click next for the perfect protection spice. 


Cumin heats up the flavor in cuisine all around the world and also has been appreciated for its medicinal properties. If you love foods with a heavy touch of cumin, it may reveal more about you than your taste. You are very family-oriented and it is important to you to spends lots of quality time together.

Whether you’ve grown up in a big family or have a large group of friends, this has made you personable with people and you love having meaningful conversations. You care a lot about others in your life and are a great listener who always makes time to help others through difficult situations. Your strong empathy has made you very protective of your loved ones, but you often forget to protect yourself, too. Make sure to give yourself time to rest and separate your emotions from the daily chatter so others won’t take advantage of you.