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Especially among a whole generation of adult Millennials, one too many people take Peter Pan’s motto a little too literally – we can’t choose to ever grow up, can we? With the world at our fingertips thanks to the internet and a highly saturated market for content, it seems like work and play go hand in hand for many Millennials. It’s become increasingly acceptable to have a passion for interests and hobbies, and no price or amount of time dedicated to it is too high.

So are memberships in fandoms and partaking in child-like activities simply the norm, or is it an excuse for us to never grow up? No matter what your interests are, here are shocking, but true, examples of how adults try to embrace their inner child for life. If you can’t imagine what kinds of communities we’re referring to, click next to reveal a growing population of furry guises.   


If you’re well acquainted with the odd side of the net, you’ve probably had a run in with one of these guys. A furry is any ordinary person who dresses up in a fur suit, which can depict an array of animals that come in all different colors, sizes, with the option of accessories. Just like a mascot costume, the head is separate from the suit and they can see and breath from the mouth of the costume.

Furries believe this is all for fun, but for many it has become a lifestyle to some degree. The wearer takes on a new persona suited up and has a sense of confidence they don’t experience from just walking around in person. As you might imagine, it gets hot and stuffy in the fur suit, but dedicated furries insist it’s worth all the trouble. If you think this is unbelievable, click next to get all dolled up.

Living Dolls

You might be familiar with pageantry and how young women of all ages deliberately primp themselves to look like plastic Barbies. There is actually a completely different subculture of women who take this literally and do their best to transform themselves into living dolls. From sleek hair to big doe eyes, the girls prime their porcelain skin and apply long lashes to create a convincing doll illusion.

These walking dolls enjoy the styling, but feel a sense of belonging when meeting with fellow dolls at tea parties and such. Not only do they feel like they can be themselves and feel accepted, they think other dolls are more pleasant to be around. Shared mannerisms are inspired by quintessential 1950’s etiquette and more so encompasses extending kindness to others. For a more common gathering, click next to see where all the other adults go for a wardrobe change in the masses.

Costume Play

Adults from all backgrounds take on cosplay to numerous degrees – from a simple DIY costume to an elaborate fashion statement, tons of people love to dress up at conventions, known as fan costuming. Anything from Sci-fi to comics to anime, there are enough circuits out there to keep an avid costume player – better known as cosplayer – busy year round. There are plenty of adults willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a costume for a bunch of strangers to see them in.

However, they insist it’s about much more than what you wear. Though not required, some cosplayers prefer to be more involved and get into character, even interacting with other cosplayers for a round of improvisation. For truly dedicated cosplayers that have a competitive edge, there are various competitions to participate in as well. Other adults thrive on their professional and personal lives colliding – click next to check out a serious game.

Live Action Role Playing

Otherwise known as LARP, once you agree to play Live Action Role Playing, you are in it for the long haul. Sure, many LARP sessions only happen at meets with time constraints, but select individuals play full time and may need to carry out a task in the middle of work if they want to stay in the game. If you’re lost, think of Dungeons and Dragons meets laser tag.

There are so many variations, but popular ones include a plot with characters, interactions with other characters and actions to perform in order to play the game. Costumes and props can support a convincing illusion as the gamers use their vivid imaginations to delve into their own world. While it seems like a bunch of immature adults running amok playing make believe, LARP has been around for 40 years and continues to grow. Click next to see how gaming can be profitable.

Professional Gamers

The gaming world has become its own universe encompassed under the umbrella term eSports to refer to electronic sports and professional gaming of all kinds. While it seems kids are sucked early into an unhealthy lifestyle of extreme couch potatoes and screen time around the clock, the most talented gamers earn $100,000 or more annually. So is this gaming an addiction or a serious regimen to prepare for a competition all in a hard day’s work?

Playing video games for a living is the ultimate way to keep young adults from growing up anytime soon. If hopefuls are discovered and invited to play on a team, this could involve more perks, including living in a gaming house and getting set up with social media managers. From live streams to selling merch, gamers have plenty of work to do apart from conventions and competitions. If you imagine something more childish, click next for art appreciation.

Adult Coloring Books

One of the things we all remember from childhood is hours of coloring. For artsy kids, this release of scribbles and color let us delve into a world of creativity and imagination. Some of us never stopped coloring; college campuses often have coloring groups to release stress. Elaborate adult coloring books of all mystical and artistic genres have pages full of intricate line work. For an amateur artist, why not spend hours carefully filling in the lines?

But as an adult – who really has time for that? It’s almost counterintuitive with software like adobe illustrator, yet many artists get the most out of going back to basics. The smart thing would be to film hours of coloring and make a time progression or ASMR video for Youtube. Artists who publish coloring books may reach out and give gifts to feature on the channel. For creatives who never grow up, click next for surprising accomplishments.

Creative Designers

If you play it right, you can grow up to be an adult where fun and creativity are all in a hard day’s work. Arguably, it can take a lot of mind power to conceptualize marketable ideas that will turn a profit. No wonder why toy company designers benefit from working in spaces that inspire to create. There are so many creatives who find gainful employment in early education, arts and entertainment and booming online platforms, and their success is in part because they’re children at heart.

While color palates from youth may seem childish to keep around in adult years, a fun apartment is something we all secretly want. Surrounding yourself in a bubble gum room of pink and glitter is definitely not the only way to play princess full time. If your secret dream is to be a princess, click next to reveal how you can make this come true.

Disney Characters

Wishes aren’t granted to those who want to be a princess for a day. Why bother when you can dress as your favorite Disney princess full time and make Youtube videos with your best princess friends for millions of views? This is a great opportunity for amateur princesses to earn some sweet mula while their waiting for their modern day prince charming.

But for the real deal, dreams do come true for the few lucky who make it through Disney cast auditions. Princesses not only need to have uncanny likeness to their characters, but need to imitate mannerisms perfectly and memorize trivia in order to convincingly stay in character. This epic fantasy is definitely the perfect dream job for adults who belong in Neverland, but the constant smiling and chipper banter breaks even the strongest. If you don’t get the gig, click next for the second best way to live out your childhood dream.   

Disney Vloggers

If the attributes ‘easy and fun’ are priority for your next job, take a stab at vlogging at the Happiest Place on Earth. A handful of youtubers have made a niche for themselves after buying an annual Disney pass and vlogging all over the park for views. This may definitely be viewed as immature and a waste of time, but these adults are living out their childhood dream of frequenting Disney parks all year round.

After all, what would be better than magical moments of fun and games, including countless meetings with your favorite Disney characters? If this works for your lifestyle, it would be pretty cool to see all the seasonal attractions at the most popular amusement parks around the world and publish footage for kids who live too far away. If entertainment is more your thing and you think you have what it takes, click next to start clowning around professionally.

Clown College

Remarks about estranged family members that took off and ran away with the circus isn’t just a mere expression. There are still adults today who have graduated from clown college instead of pursuing academic degrees. It’s not as easy as you’d think – clown hopefuls need to make it through auditions. Everyone has a ball and it’s even described as playtime for adults. So-called clowning involves skills in showmanship and talents in slapstick, acrobatics and more, but it’s mostly about the persona.

Those who take clowning seriously swear that not just anyone can be a clown. Those are some big shoes to fill by keeping the spirit of clowning alive. This seems like a dimming future, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. Celebrity magician Penn Gillette was a clown college graduate and moved on to bigger things. If you’re a college dropout, click next to reveal a more sinister pastime.

Killer Clown Pranks

The concept of killer clowns is rather old, but has since had a viral impact on a global scale in recent years. Many have theorized that what started as a media stunt to promote the remake of Stephen King’s IT that thenspun out of control when overgrown pranksters caught wind of the opportunity. There is a surprising amount of adults who refuse to give up on their prank channels on Youtube and couldn’t resist shooting some killer clown footage.

What could possibly be more immature than plotting elaborate pranks at the expense of innocent bystanders just to get some views and a second of internet fame? Whatever you may think of these overgrown pranksters, this is just the tip of the iceberg regarding where the depths of internet entertainment have gone. If you’re not sure how much crazier it can get, go ahead and click next for quite the shock.

Adult Baby

To relax and wind down after work, most adults sit in front of the TV. There is a small subculture of adults that revert way back to the lost days of infancy and spend their free time as adult babies. Some really go all out and dedicate a whole room to a nursery with an oversized crib where they can engage in infant behavior, such as crawling, thumb sucking and babble while wearing footed pajamas over diapers.

What could possibly be more immature than plotting elaborate pranks at the expense of innocent bystanders just to get some views and a second of internet fame? Whatever you may think of these overgrown pranksters, this is just the tip of the iceberg regarding where the depths of internet entertainment have gone. If you’re not sure how much crazier it can get, go ahead and click next for quite the shock.

Adult Baby

To relax and wind down after work, most adults sit in front of the TV. There is a small subculture of adults that revert way back to the lost days of infancy and spend their free time as adult babies. Some really go all out and dedicate a whole room to a nursery with an oversized crib where they can engage in infant behavior, such as crawling, thumb sucking and babble while wearing footed pajamas over diapers.

When this content format is done right, these adults can rake in cash from millions of Youtube views just by playing with children’s toys. You can be the judge of what is more unbelievable – that this content is extremely popular and engaging or that there are a number of adults willing to do this for a living. Apart from playtime, other young adults get more satisfaction from making things. Click next for the bizarre world of DIYs.

DIY Youtubers

It’s no secret that Millennials are obsessed with hacks and DIY projects of all kinds. For how materialistic people are and the accessibility of thousands of products right at your fingertips, nothing is still quite as satisfying as doing it yourself. So many of these Pinterest inspired crafts will set up well intended people for disaster, and many more are useless or just as expensive as a retail product. Yet, the entertainment value of watching adult youtubers make hundreds of DIY videos never ceases to amaze content creators.

But no so fast, such a video may take hours of work and even more money and effort if the project failed and needs to be repeated. This niche is so saturated that any aspiring young adults who are just starting out may never stand a chance of their passion for crafting paying off. For an unconventional art medium, click next for a wacky viral trend.

A Face Full of …What?!

In every Kindergarten class there was always that one kid who ended up eating the glue and a couple incidents of kids gluing their fingers together. While there will always be some slow learners that abuse craft supplies, there are now adults doing the exact same thing…but on purpose…for views. Some visions will take more to realize than a bottle of school glue, and therefore adults insist their masterpieces are just like makeup artists.

It all started with a “face full of rhinestones challenge”, and it took no time for youtubers to up the ante and glue lots of other things to their faces. Can it get any more primitive and childish than this? Spending hours gluing objects to their faces and thereby influencing hundreds of impressionable viewers to do the very thing we were all taught not to do. Click next for adults who choose to live in a fantasy realm.

Holiday Overload

Some parents want to make the holidays extra special for their kids and go above and beyond to create memorable traditions. In households that go overboard, a doll collection may collide with extreme holiday decorations that will make you think what is happening here?Take this one instance of a parent who let a bunch of elves have full reign over the household in a holiday takeover.

The doll collection and festive elves come to life starting in October and make visits with handwritten notes all the way through December. The gang includes Halloween spooks, vintage dolls, dozens of elf on the shelf and notorious elf off the shelf minions. This elaborate storyline and long-winding scheme is all mom’s doing and is no way just for the kids. What could have been a cute idea overdosed on steroids and took on a life of its own – what will parents think of next? For some good clean fun, click next to build right from the imagination.

Lego Artists

While there are hundreds of adults who take their Lego creations seriously, there is no one with a story quite like Nathan Sawaya, who left his corporate law career to become a Lego artist. It all started with art projects to wind down after stressful days in the firm, and then he remembered how fun Legos were when he was a kid. He began replicating objects around his apartment with Lego bricks and displayed his creations on an online gallery.

Before he knew it, people began contacting him for commissions and he took the leap to become a full time Lego artist. Family began looking down on him as crazy and irresponsible, but he continued to get paid and created a traveling exhibit. The Art of the Bricktaps into everyone’s inner child to make people of all ages appreciate sophisticated and complex art concepts. Click next to take a train ride back to childhood.

Model Train Sets

So many kids have grown up with model train sets, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that it’s grown into a lifelong passion for many self-proclaimed conductors. The toy itself wouldn’t be possible without the engineering expertise of adults, so it makes you think if it wasn’t really created for adults in mind. While some adults turn their whole house into a train station, with tracks going in and out of every room, some have a bigger project in mind.

So much goes into planning a custom train exhibition and all the engineering skills involved keep it far from any ordinary child’s play. What force drives the fascination for model trains may not be understood by all, but most can learn to appreciate the end result. Model train layouts continue to inspire kids to dream big and adults can recapture their youth, even just for a few moments. If you love solving things, click next to reveal the missing piece.

Absolutely Puzzling

Puzzles are the kind of activity that feels more like busy work than something to solve. It’s actually helpful for kids to learn how to complete puzzles as they develop cognitive and spatial skills, but once we hit adulthood, who has time for this? If you hate puzzles, it’s probably because you’re bad at them, but for people who have a natural knack, finishing a puzzle is a rewarding feeling.

It makes you wonder who puzzles are really for, with jigsaw boards that come in anywhere from 1,000 to 40,000 pieces, no way is this classic pastime marketed at youth. The conundrum is thinking that the artwork could be purchased as a poster or print, but that would defeat the purpose for hard core puzzle enthusiasts who are in it for the long haul. But who would be insane enough to put together a humungous puzzle only to completely take it apart again?