Hi Everybody! Thanks for sprofile2016topping by and welcome to my blog, Cultural Vegan!

My name is Alexandra and the least you need to know is I’m an American expat based in Germany. The most you need to know is I’m new to the vegan lifestyle, eating plant-based since April 2016. While many experienced vegans use labels to describe exactly what kind of a vegan they are, I can say that I’m a hungry vegan!

I love food, always have and always will! I’m about it all, from meal planning, grocery shopping, to food prep, cooking and of course, eating! I love experimenting, turning to books or friends for inspiration and trying all different foods. But I believe trying new foods is what led me astray. As kids, we’re taught to try new foods without wasting any, and to save leftovers instead of over-eating, all of which I never needed reminding of.

But should adults try new foods? The short answer is yes, if the alternative means having an embarrassingly picky diet. But I was a young adult vegetarian and after 6 years, I decided to go back to eating meat, so I could at least say that I tried everything Europe had to offer. Then I never went back to eliminating animal products. I just didn’t give a fuck. I had many temporary living situations, and even after gaining more stability, everyone I shared meals with influenced me to view foods simplistically; plus I was still trying different foods. It doesn’t hurt to try, right?


I’m here now to say you don’t have to try or eat meals that you otherwise know are bad food choices. Just because you feel you’re in a temporary situation, such as travelling, dining out or visiting friends and family. You don’t have to discipline or restrict yourself, either.

Since eating plant-based, I’ve eaten everything I used to without even having a single salad as a main meal!

Whatever journey you find yourself on in the world, I’d love to show you how your favorite foods from any culture can easily be made vegan and give you tips for eating plant-based today, one meal at a time!

Leave a comment introducing yourself and your favorite meal you want to see me veganize! I look forward to meeting you!