10 Frozen Treats

Since summer weather is almost over, I thought I’d share these sweet treats that I wish I had in adolescence instead of being lured by the ice cream truck and Dairy Queen. If that implication sounds horrific, just research dairy cow milk production for a real nightmare. Most of these treats are 100% fruit, exactly what we need for true refreshment.

1. Nice Cream

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If you’re new to the vegan lifestyle, this is the cool name for frozen bananas that are sliced and blended to a creamy, thick consistency. This totally is legit ice cream.

2. Minty Nice Cream

Minty Nice Cream
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This can be a sophisticated yet simple palate cleanser after a meal or with a spicy dinner by adding 6-10 mint leaves and a serving of spinach to your blended nice cream.

For a dessert (or anytime meal) I recommend:

Double Mint: Add .5-1 c mint leaves or more and sweetener of choice as desired to blended banana nice cream.

After 8: Add 1 part mint, 1 part dark chocolate chips, shavings or cacao nibs and sweetener to taste to blended banana nice cream.

3. Frostee!

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2 Frozen bananas with just enough chocolate or vanilla soy milk to turn it into a thick, frozen Frosty (about a 4:1 banana-liquid ratio). My favorite combination is chocolate soy milk, blending it with the bananas and adding 1 part frozen or fresh strawberries. I also like topping it with coconut chia pudding and pomegranate, as pictured.

4. Coconut Cream

Pineapple Coconut Nicecream
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2 bananas, blend to nice cream;

add 1-2 parts (softly) frozen pineapple, blend into the nice cream;

add splashes of coconut water to ensure the mixture will continue blending and make it creamy;

It should still be frozen and may be just a bit soupy. Pour into a bowl, mix the fluid part in and put in the freezer to firm it up for at least 15 minutes.

I like to top this with melted dark chocolate drizzle and crushed cashews.

Try out your own fruit combo or add more coconut milk to the bananas and freeze a bit longer. Get creative with the toppings, too!

5. Coconut Fruit Pops

Take your popsicle molds, fill with several pieces sliced fruit:

Experiment with strawberry, kiwi, watermelon, pineapple or other berries;

Fill mold with coconut water so the bottom part can still close properly;

Freeze and enjoy anytime!

This also is a great idea with berry, water-based smoothies; just pour the smoothie directly from the blender into the molds (always leave enough room for the mold to close and freeze properly) and you got a frozen treat!

Fruity juices work, too: Just blend fruit into juice of choice and pour in popsicle molds. I like orange-pineapple-mango or orange-strawberry-passion fruit.

6. Frozen Watermelon Limeade

Frozen Watermelon Limeade
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7. Frozen Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade
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with strawberry, watermelon or combo, also blend pineapple and lemon together. Add bananas to both parts to make it more like a creamy nice cream)

8. Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

Fruit Parfait
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9. Chocolate Covered Bananas

Whole frozen banana, put popsicle stick through one end, coat or drizzle in melted dark chocolate, have shredded coconut and ground nuts ready to top, put back in freezer a few minutes to fully harden

10. Spiced Peaches N Cream

add vanilla or coconut yogurt or coconut milk to banana nice cream, blend.

in frozen spiced peaches or leave in chunks if desired (could be just chilled or partially frozen), strawberry: fold in roughly chopped chocolate covered strawberries, or leave whole and cut off pieces with spoon. Could do this (especially with coconut with pineapple or mango), too.